We’re VENTASTARK, a customer focused company that strive to be honest, ethical and passionate. We truly believe in the transformative power of integrity and its ability to build long-lasting relationships. We’re excited to learn about you, and offer solutions that fit your needs.

VENTASTARK not only specializes in the design and supply of top-tier quality automotive products such as pickup truck hardtop canopies, tonneau covers, and other exterior accessories, but also provides complete service from product design & prototyping, moulding(Composite GRP, thermoform, injection), production methods & materials and reverse engineering.

We use fiberglass, plastic, aluminium and other high quality materials sourced from reliable suppliers to make sure our products combine the perfect blend of functional design and style, offer enduring performance, and excel in the harsh and diverse climate.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation – Delivering modern and distinctive designs that truly sets VENTASTARK apart.
  • Integrity – We value what is right for you over making a sale. We trust our team to be honest and ethical.
  • Passion – We invest time and effort to continually improve and grow our customer loyalty reputation and referrals.
  • Compliance – VENTASTARK adheres to all legislation. We make it a priority to be available and engaged with our customers. We have the flexibility to assemble the right information and functionality to provide a seamless service.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for our business actions and results. This is our willingness to show our customers that we really do care about them.

Company Registration: 77630

VAT Number: 804 022 1617