Production Methods And Materials

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

  • Superior design flexibility to create complex shapes and forms, including compound curves.

  • Excellent, uniform dimensional tolerance: average+/- 1.0mm or

  • High fiber content - 25% to 50% fiber content by volume - creates a strong and light-weight finished product.

  • Molded inserts, fittings, cores, ribs, bosses, and reinforcements possible.

  • Low tooling fee reduces start-up costs and time-to-market.

  • High material recovery and improved labour efficiencies yield decreased component production costs.

  • Produces two finished sides, inside and out; Class A finish and multi-color capability.

  • Reduced material waste and overspray.

  • Environmentally-friendly closed-mold process lessens styrene emissions.

  • Good surface quality

Hand Lay-Up

  • Simplest method offering low-cost tooling

  • Simple processing

  • A wide range of part sizes

  • Design changes are readily made

  • Good production rates and consistent quality are obtainable

Thermoforming Plastic Sheet

  • Extremely adaptive to customer design needs

  • Rapid prototyping development

  • Material and process is optimized for cost effectiveness

  • High-speed production allows for just-in-time shipments

  • Flexible tooling design offers a competitive advantage

  • On-the-fly product enhancements with low additional costs

  • Visually pleasing appearance

  • Weight savings for consumer and manufacturer

  • Wider design scope

  • Lower tooling costs

  • No anticorrosion spray necessary

  • Paintable and colored plastic availability

  • Fully integrated process with limitless flexibility
    for small to large product designs