VENTASTARK is active in all aspects of GRP from producing our own patterns and plugs, The patterns are made either by using our large CNC machine or using traditional hand making methods. GRP suits the manufacture of a wide range of parts, depending on the application of the end product. But the capability of GRP to withstand the most severe climatic or hazardous conditions and its non- conductivity of electricity makes it an obvious choice for many.

GRP components require finishing and to achieve this, trimming and fixturing is designed and made in house. We can handle the fitting of inserts to full assembly of GRP parts, together with client free issue parts.

Our moulding services are;

  • Open Mould (Hand Lamination Mould)

  • Open Mould (Spray-Up Mould)

  • Closed Mould Moulding ( RTM-Resin Transfer Moulding)

  • Thermoforming Mould

  • Plastic Enjection Mould

  • Poliurethane Mould​

​The range of our CNC milling machine is over 4500x2100x900mm.